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can you say my name aidee

"Can you say my name?"

What literacy skills are more basic than seeing a word and knowing how it sounds?

And hearing a word and knowing how it's spelled?

Besides knowing the sounds of individual letters, one also has to know the rhythm of the entire word: which syllable is stressed more than the rest.

Fortuantely, the rhythm of every Spanish word is encoded in the spelling, whether it has a written accent or not.

However, recognizing the implicit stress (unwritten) and explicit stress (written) is an important yet perennially frustrating aspect of Spanish spelling, even for native speakers.

This innovative method is easy and effective, and it challenges traditional curricular sequencing and conventional explanations.

steve getz intelengua fondamentos

It is in fact more linguistically accurate, truly reflecting the nature of Spanish prosody, so suspend your current understanding of Spanish accentuation and approach this method with an open mind.

When you see this simple patterns, you won't believe that you haven't seen them before!

steve getz intelengua fondamentos

And it works for Spanish students of all ages, both natives and non-natives.